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Deacon 770-L (Liquid) High temperature thermal reactive sealing compound

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Deacon 770-L (Liquid) High temperature thermal reactive sealing compound

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Deacon 770-L is a thermal reactive liquid sealing compound that is used in high temperature and high pressure applications. In the presence of heat (200oF+), Deacon 770-L will form a mechanical (“mechanical type”) seal. Deacon 770-L will not cement the flanges together, thus, it will not interfere with future repairs of metal-to-metal joints. Deacon 770-L is unaffected by thermal cycling.

Temperature Range: 200 F to 950 F. Customer feedback report applications in use from 100 F to 1300 F +

Deacon 770-L (Liquid) High temperature thermal reactive sealing compound - Pint Brush Top

Brush top


Deacon 770-L (Liquid) High temperature thermal reactive sealing compound - Quart


Deacon 770-L (Liquid) High temperature thermal reactive sealing compound - Gallon



Recommended Applications:  Deacon 770-L can be used as gasket dressing to improve the sealing capability of many gaskets. Deacon 770-L can also be applied to many types of gaskets (including spiral wound) to reseal them, thereby prolonging their useful life. Deacon 770-L can be used as the only sealant on low-tolerance metal- to-metal joints.

Deacon 770-L is brushed onto the sealing surface in a complete, uniform, thin coating. Note: Deacon 770-L will flow filling small voids, and surface irregularities creating a seal between the gasket and the flange surface where most leak problems initiate.

Typical Applications:  Turbine Split Casing, Any Metal to Metal Joints, Pump Casing, Leaking Gaskets, Boilers, Threaded Fittings, Doors, Steam Traps, Stacks, Sight Glasses, Flanges, Nuts & Bolts, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels.

Features:  Ease of application. Achieves seal before full cure. Fast, easy repairs. High-pressure tolerance, high temperature tolerance, and high chemical tolerance. Solvents, Oils, Steam, Liquors, Hydrocarbons. Creates a mechanical seal. High wear resistance. Unaffected by thermal cycling. Applications as a gasket dressing. Deacon 770-L improves the sealing capability of many gasket materials.

Shelf Life:  Two years in unopened containers


  1. Surface should be clean and dry (free from oil or foreign material to ensure proper sealing/adhesion)
  2. Apply a thin coat to sealing surface with brush (if sealing threads, apply only to the male threads)
  3. Close and tighten joint (torqued to the equipment manufacturer’s specifications if sealing a bolted flange)
  4. Product will cure in service with heat (See Note)

Note:  In high pressure applications or when pressure testing at ambient, it is recommended to pre-cure with a heat gun, oven, or to dry fire / blow down at atmospheric (running heat without pressure). Unlike silicone or epoxy products, our thermosetting sealants require heat to cure. 

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