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Deacon 8875 (Paste) High temperature sealant

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Deacon 8875 (Paste) High temperature sealant

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Deacon 8875 is a thick, fibrous, thermal reactive paste sealant/refractory hybrid used in high temperature and high pressure applications. In the presence of heat, Deacon 8875 will expand and form a mechanical (“mechanical type”) seal that is not weak or brittle like ceramics. Deacon 8875 will not cement the flanges together, thus, it will not interfere with future repairs of metal-to-metal joints. Deacon 8875 is unaffected by thermal cycling.

Temperature Range: 500°F to 1800°F.

Deacon 8875 (Paste) High temperature sealant - Quart


Deacon 8875 (Paste) High temperature sealant - Gallon



Deacon 8875 sealant recommended applications:

Deacon 8875 can be used as a gasket dressing to improve the sealing capability of many gaskets. Deacon 8875 can also be applied to many types of gaskets (including spiral wound) to reseal them, thereby prolonging their useful life. Deacon 8875 can be used as the only sealant on low-tolerance metal- to-metal joints.

Deacon 8875 is troweled onto the sealing surface in a complete, uniform coating. Note: Deacon 8875 will flow filling small voids and surface irregularities, creating a seal between the gasket and the flange surface where most leak problems originate. Deacon 8875 can also be used as a standalone compound on metal-to-metal flanges that are warped, cut, or pitted.

Deacon 8875 - Typical applications:

Turbine Split Casing, Any Metal to Metal Joints, Pump Casing, Leaking Gaskets, Boilers, Doors, Steam Traps, Ductwork, Stacks, Flanges, Heat Exchangers, Gaskets Dressing, Exhaust Systems.

Deacon 8875 - Features:

Ease of application. Achieves seal before full cure. Fast, easy repairs. High-pressure tolerance, high temperature tolerance, and high chemical tolerance. Hot Air, Solvents, Oils, Steam, Liquors, Hydrocarbons, Corrosive conditions. Creates a mechanical seal. High wear resistance. Unaffected by thermal cycling. Applications as a gasket dressing. Deacon 8875 improves the sealing capability of many gasket materials.

Deacon 8875 - Shelf life:

Two years in unopened containers

Deacon 8875 - Instructions:

  1. Surface should be clean and dry (free from oil or foreign material to ensure proper sealing/adhesion)
  2. Apply a thin coat to sealing surface with a putty knife
  3. Close and tighten joint (torqued to the equipment manufacturer’s specifications if sealing a bolted flange)
  4. Product will cure in service with heat (See Note)

Note:  In high pressure applications or when pressure testing at ambient, it is recommended to pre-cure with a heat gun, oven, or to dry fire / blow down at atmospheric (running heat without pressure). Unlike silicone or epoxy products, our thermosetting sealants require heat to cure. 

Cure:  The following is a general guideline for the time required for a full cure at various temperatures. A seal will be achieved before a full cure is reached.

  • 300°F --- 2 hrs
  • 400°F --- 1 hrs
  • 500°F + --- <1 hr
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